Cape May’s Local Businesses: Serving Pro-fits and Cons

Photo Taken by Madison Musinski
Location: West Cape May

Of all of the beaches in all of the lands – why do so many tourists continue to come back to Cape May? While this question is rather subjective and certainly has countless answers, it is worth considering that the service industry is the foundation of most possible replies. As the business season continues to grow longer each year, the employees who comprise that year-round service industry have become Cape May’s most essential and valuable components. 

Undeniably, service is the bedrock of every part of Cape May’s bountiful tourist economy. More specifically, however, it’s the small, locally owned and operated, businesses that really give Cape May’s service it’s unique identity. In a totally traditional, mom and pop town, sort of way, Cape May’s tourist industry ultimately provides service that benefits local families, artists, and professionals. 

However, it is also worth noting that there are both pros and cons of working throughout a high-stress, high-reward in-season and a low-stress, low-reward off-season. Sometimes working in the service industry means that you lose valuable time with your loved ones or that your mental health takes a turn for the worst. Other times, however, those jobs truly allow your lives and your pockets to grow. It’s a toss up, you know?

So, why is it important to focus on the maids, managers, and masseuses of Cape May? Well, because it’s the little guys who make the big machine work it’s magic. Their voices and their experiences, both good and bad, are what offers a better understanding of the life behind Cape May’s local businesses.

So, thank you for tagging along and reading this post. In the next coming weeks, a new post featuring an interview with a young woman, who works two service jobs in Cape May’s city center. Who will it be? Stay tuned to find out!

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