Nauti Spirits Harvest Festival: A Photo Essay of the Workers Behind the Business

In Cape May, the Halloween season always provides an opportunity for local businesses to curate fall-themed events. For instance, on every Friday and Saturday of October, Nauti Spirits – a farm and distillery located in North Cape May – hosts a Harvest Festival that includes a corn maze, pumpkin picking and painting, and of course, hand-crafted alcoholic beverages.

For this blog post, I visited this event with the hopes of capturing the liveliness and laughter of its servers and the attendees. However, as is typical for a cloudy, off-season day in a shore-town…the distillery was mostly deserted. Luckily, the employees were more than happy to share a few of their experiences with me as I explored the venue. More particularly, however, I spoke to retail and finance manager, Katelyn Fernandi, who was operating the entrance at the corn maze. I also talked with Ryan Murphy, a barback and porter, that also attends Rowan University. Last and not least, I spoke with bartender, Rita Bianchi, who showed off pure personality and skill as she crafted each cocktail. So, to get a more in-depth experience of these 3 service-workers, check out the photo gallery and ThingLink images below.

Before you do that, however, keep in mind that as you’re sifting through the photos, the empty seats tell the story of what it’s like to work during the off-season in a seasonal town. No matter what month of the year it is, or what point in the season it may be, these service-providers show up to their job ready for the grit and the glamour of it all.

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