Dejan Miloshev Discusses the Road That Led Him to Cape May

During a visit to New York City, Dejan Miloshev poses for a picture.
Photo/Viktor Krstevski

For this week’s post, I was honored to have the opportunity to sit down and talk with a man named Dejan Miloshev. Dejan is a foreign worker from Macedonia and he is a part of a larger community of foreign workers that bolster the longevity of Cape May’s economy. As years have passed, Cape May has become a home to many dedicated and hardworking foreigners like him. Often times, those foreigners travel from poor countries in Eastern Europe, like Macedonia, to places like Cape May that afford them more economic opportunity.

Since the time that Dejan was a little boy living in Macedonia, he had always dreamed of living in the United States. Five years ago, he packed up his luggage and his dreams, hopped on a plane, and traveled here. When he first arrived, all he had was luggage and a job.

For a long time, he was broke, homeless, and a little bit devastated. It was difficult to survive as a young server working in an expensive area outside of New York City. However, despite the fact that he didn’t have much money, he was certainly rich in friends. Some of the friends that he had made in his time working in Long Branch, New Jersey – whose couches he had even slept on – decided to move to Cape May. This opened up an opportunity for him – one that would change his life.

Dejan now works as a server, host, and expediter at a beloved restaurant in Cape May. Since he began this job, his dreams and goals have been afforded the opportunity to grow past what he ever thought possible. As of now, because of his fierce dedication to working, he’s been able to buy a car, rent a house, and even adopt a puppy.

So, if you click below, you’ll be able to hear him talk about his family, his work ethic, and how living and working in Cape May has changed him for the better. Thanks for listening!

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