Jolene Donnelly Discusses the Expense of Living in Cape May

Jolene Donnelly is a 19-year-old community college student who is working toward being a pharmacy technician one day. However, when she’s not busy taking classes, you can usually find her working as a personal assistant at MoonGlow Massage Therapy and Healing Arts. MoonGlow Massage is located in Carpenter Square Mall, just across from Magic Brain Cafe, and it functions as a nice little hub of spirituality and restfulness. Despite that, as Jolene and I talked about what it was like living and working in Cape May, she pointed out how that reality tended to be anything but restful. She kept mentioning how exhausting it was to deal with the expense of it all. Trying to put together the funds to pay for her tuition, her rent, and her cell phone bill have ended up being the most difficult challenge she faces in everyday life – especially when she’s had to factor in the cost of performance parking in Cape May.

I know, I know – you’re probably asking: how bad can parking really be? Well, truthfully, the cost of it negatively impacts local workers like Jolene the most. So, this week, if you click below, you can watch a short video of Jolene describing the challenges of affording a life in Cape May.

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