Saying Goodbye: The Last Covert Cape May Post For A While

Well, well, well – a WHOLE semester has passed since I started writing this blog! It has been both an honor and a learning experience to be able to curate this site all the while getting to know the community of Cape May a little better. Truthfully, when I chose this beat, I did so because I, like most of the people I’ve ever met, have worked in the service industry and I know how exhausting, stressful, and overwhelming it can be. More than that, I also know how little appreciation tireless service workers get, especially in a tourist town like Cape May. So, I made this blog with the hopes of giving a voice to local workers, whose stories and experiences usually only exist on the sidelines of the beach experience.

If you’re interested in checking out some of the pieces I loved working on most, please visit my posts about:

  1. Gabby Sceia: An audio interview with a woman who works as both a retail manager and a part-time barista.
  2. Rachel Shubin: A written profile on a freelance journalist, who also curates a blog about Cape May.
  3. Dejan Miloshev: An audio profile about a foreign worker from Macedonia, who had always dreamt of living in America.
  4. Nauti Spirits: A photo essay about the workers at Nauti Spirits’ Harvest Festival.
  5. Winter Wonderland: An interactive experience with the workers at the Shopping Village.

Now, I want to share a little bit about what this project has taught me throughout the past few months:

  1. Creating valuable content is strenuous, difficult, and also, SO rewarding. Every action (the design of interview questions, the sound quality of the interview location, the clean-cuts involved in editing, etc.) is detail-oriented and requires a lot of work. However, that work pays off in the final product!
  2. Editing online content – whether it be audio, video, pictures, or writing – is full of slightly obsessive nuance and detail. As a moderately-functioning perfectionist, it was so much fun to lose myself in creating content that I was truly invested in.
  3. Every person, and every local business, has a complex, interesting, and nuanced story to tell and it is a total privilege to just act as the catalyst through which those stories are told.

Overall, creating and curating this site was both an extremely challenging and also, wildly rewarding exercise. However, you may be asking yourself: if it was so much fun to work on then what’s next for it? Well, for now, I’m going to take a break from blogging and take a few weeks to rest and recover from a busy semester of work and school. However, once February comes along, I plan to re-energize my content and start publishing more stories about the Cape May community.

Thanks for following along! Hope to see you around!

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